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Witness News, Indonesia's first and only online news market. We are created by journalist for journalists and curation is our core value. We provide curated amateur news footages from all over Indonesia and we hold the rights to sell the Broadcast rights of every video that is uploaded to the website and all sources are double checked for authenticity. There is no subscription fee to be our client, all videos can be bought a la carte. 

We are also open for high-quality fixers and local crews requests across Indonesia. Our understanding of local wisdom and our experience and knowledge in International media is our competitive advantage to provide the best possible service to our customers. As we believe that our curated news content paired with our client’s publication would bring original value to the various kinds of audiences. Moreover, our crewing service that is available across Indonesia can be customised to suit the needs of our customers.

Witness News is the first Indonesian entity to become an Associated Press partner for the Indonesian region. Being the world's largest news agency partner is a testament to our credibility and independence as a news agency that presents actual and reliable news through the original system that we implemented. Together with the Associated Press, we present a product industry with a subscription system, in which we localise international content to be ready to use and increase the value of efficiency in the editorial process for local media in Indonesia.

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Phone : +62 813 1535 1100

Email  :  prime@witness.id

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