A Tectonic Earthquake With a Magnitude of 6.2 M Shook The Majene Region, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

2021-01-15 15:49:26
IDR 350,000

Mamuju - As many as 3 people died in an earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 6.2 in Majene which affected Mamuju City, West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

"As of Friday (15/1), at 06.00 Western Indonesian Time, the Mamuju Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reported; tens of people were injured and thousands of residents were displaced. 3 people died and 24 were injured. As many as 2,000 residents have fled, "said the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Raditya Jati, in his statement, Friday (15/1/2021).

Latest report

A tectonic earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 M rocked the Majene region, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tsunami Warning: None

Heavily injured: 189 people
Moderate injured: 214 people
Minor injured: 234 people
Deaths: 4 people

Malunda sub-district 530 families
Lamungan batuSub-district 437 families
Kayuangin village 340 families
lombong village 420 families
East Lombong village 292 families
Meksel village 278 families
Mekkatta village 400 families
Maliaya village 400 families
Bambangan village 430 families
Lombang Village 300 families
East Lombang village 274 families
Salutahongan village 320 families

Subtitble script
00:00 - 00:12
Rescue worker: What's your name?
Survivor: Enjen
Rescuer: Who is next to you?
Survivor: Catherine
Rescuer: Is she still breathing?
Survivor: There is still some voice, but it sounds weak
Rescuer: please be patient, can you drink a little?
Survivor: No, hold on a second

00:17 - 00:19
Rescuer: Jalan KS Tubun Tiga,

00:21 - 00:30
There is also one person whose leg is pinched at the top of the ruins. We have found 4 survivors, but we don’t have the proper equipment to take them out.