Bodies discovered within meatball shop ruins (next to the Family shop) on Monginsidi Road. (INTERVIEW PART II) Ririn (28 y/o), Victim's older sister named Rita 15 y/o

2021-01-16 18:44:16

source: Ririn (28 y/o), Victim's older sister named Rita 15 y/o

More or less, he has worked for four months.

He's fifteen years old

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Her name is Rita Amelia

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Our hope, hopefully Rita can survive

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The rest of my family are all fine.

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Rita worked and stayed in that house,

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(Our domicile address) in Tuangsang, Bonda Village (Papalang sub-district, Mamuju district).

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We've been here for two days (waiting for evacuation) since yesterday.

The joint team from Basarnas, BPBD, National Armed Forces / National Police managed to evacuate 4 bodies trapped in the rubble of the building (Meatball shop) located on Mongonsidi Road, Mamuju.

Evacuation has been carried out since Friday (January 15, 2020), and still continued as we reported on Saturday (January 16, 2020).

Two bodies (owners) found on Friday (15/1), and another two bodies (women) evacuated on Saturday (16/1) at 14.30 and at 16.00 local time.