Indonesian volcano, Mount Sinabung erupted throwing clouds of ash up to 5km into the sky.

Lana Priatna
2021-03-03 07:14:12
IDR 350,000

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung early Tuesday creating a huge cloud of smoke and ash several for seven kilometres into the sky. people are being warned to stay away from the crater. This is Mount Sinabung eruption since last August until it started erupting again in 2010 leaving the dealership it's only Pacific ring of fire volcanoes

An Indonesian volcano erupted on Tuesday, throwing clouds of ash up to 5km (3.1 miles) into the sky. Mount Sinabung is currently still in the alert status or level three.

No casualties were reported as officials had earlier urged people to stay at least 3 km from the crater, Indonesia’s volcanological survey said on Twitter.

Located in North Sumatra, Mount Sinabung primary erupted in 2010 after being inactive for times and has seen an increase in its activity over the last year.